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The Mid-Morning Dump: Lindell Wigginton is Pretty Good

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Iowa hasn’t won a regular season game in Hilton since 2002.

THE COOL KIDS The Cyclones took down the Team Out East on the back of its youngsters.

UNGUARDABLE Naz Long doesn’t think Lindell Wigginton is even guardable.

GRITTY Iowa State is starting to develop a hard-nosed identity that can help them win close games down the stretch.

‘CROOTIN Alex Halsted breaks down this weekend’s official visitors for football.

HYPED Lindell Wigginton seems impressed by the Hilton crowd.

REDEMPTION The Atlanta Falcon redeemed themselves a little with a big comeback victory over the New Orleans Saints.

FLASH GORDON The Seattle Mariners acquired Dee Gordon from the Marlins.

GOLDEN BOY Cristiano Ronaldo won his 5th Ballon D’Or award, tying him with Lionel Messi.

COMEBACK Rafael Palmerio is thinking about trying to make a comeback at 53 years old.