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National Signing Day 2017: Jamie Pollard Faxes in LOI to Commit to Any Sport Besides Wrestling

Sound the Sirens!

NCAA Football: Northern Iowa at Iowa State Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Fax machines are humming all over the country today as National Signing Day 2017 gets into full swing.

That includes the (likely) freshly dusted off machine in the Bergstrom building — where Matt Campbell and company add fresh faces to their football program. AND the seldom-used fax machine in the Jacobson building, which houses the head honchos for Iowa State athletics.

That’s right, Cyclone fans.

There was a SUPER SECRET commitment that not even the football coaching staff knew about.

In a surprise move earlier this morning, Jamie Pollard faxed in a letter of intent all on his own with little fanfare and hardly any media coverage. Iowa State’s athletic directer, in fact, faxed in a letter of intent to commit to every Iowa State athletic program.

Well, every single one besides wrestling, that is.

Pollard announced his intention to stand behind stalwart Iowa State programs such as the men’s and women’s basketball teams, the dominant women’s cross country program, and the men’s golf team.

He also stood firmly in support of up-and-coming programs like ISU football, which is obviously the big money-maker for the university. And we know JP Moneybags is all about that action, boss.

Pollard Pimp

The athletic director even tossed his support behind programs Iowa State doesn’t even have. Pollard committed to the idea of maybe having a baseball team again by the year 2050. He committed to renovating Hilton Coliseum in order accommodate a Division I hockey team. And he even put in writing his intention to build a blue-blood, best-in-the-nation paintball program.

His support for wrestling, however, was noticeably absent. This has to be a troubling sign for Iowa State fans everywhere, as the program has tumbled from its lofty perch among the nation’s best to trying (and failing) to claw out dual victories against Northern Iowa.

To make matters worse, sources have told WRNL that Kevin Jackson may have learned of Pollard’s lack of commitment prior to signing day, and that it was this that prompted him to resign from his head coaching position.

Unfortunately, we have not been able to confirm this story due to our limited number of sources. We have, however, confirmed that the Ames Tribune is hot on the case and has reached out to at least 10 or more sources. We expect them to break the news as soon as they approach double-digit confirmations.

Has Pollard decided to not support the wrestling program on purpose? If so, will this prevent premier coaching candidates from taking over this once-proud program?

This, of course, could also boil down to a mix-up with the antiquated technology that is the fax machine. Did Pollard fax his commitment to a Big Ten wrestling program by mistake?

If so, it certainly wouldn’t be the first time Iowa State’s failure to follow through on an assumed commitment to wrestling has resulted in ISU’s future in the sport ending up at another wrestling powerhouse.