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Wrestlers Head to Pitt & West Virginia For Their Last Road Trip of the Season

Chris Jorgensen/Iowa State Daily

Iowa State is on the road this weekend for their first competitions since Kevin Jackson announced he’ll be stepping down as coach at the end of the season. With two winnable duals scheduled we’ll get the chance to see if the cloud of Jackson’s future being removed helps the team outperform or if the uncertainty surrounding who their new coach will be proves to be too large of a distraction going in to the closing weeks of the season.

Projected Lineups


Weight Pitt Wrestler Record - ISU Wrestler Record - West Virginia Record
Weight Pitt Wrestler Record - ISU Wrestler Record - West Virginia Record
125 LJ Bentley 12-9 vs. Kyle Larson 8-11 vs. Devin Brown 6-12
133 Dom Forys 8/8/8 14-1 vs. Earl Hall 11/11/11 18-7 vs. Cory Stainbrook 12-9
141 Nick Zanetta 16-9 vs. John Meeks 6-10 vs. Joe Wheeling 5-13
149 Mikey Racciato 9-8 vs. Gabe Moreno 4-7 vs. Christian Monserrat 11-8
157 Taleb Rahmani 16-6 vs. Colston DiBlasi 20-13 vs. Dayton Garrett 2-16
165 TeShan Campbell 13/7/15 15-2 vs. Logan Breitenbach 4-6 vs. Dylan Cottrell 20/15/12 12-4
174 Cam Jacobson 15-13 vs. Lelund Weatherspoon 10/8/10 18-8 vs. Ty Millward 2-16
184 Zach Bruce 12-9 vs. Pat Downey 10/8/8 7-0 vs. Parker VonEgidy 5-11
- - - or Carson Powell 12-10 - - -
197 John Rizzo 12-12 or Marcus Harrington 4-7 vs. Jacob Smith 5/9/5 14-4
HWT Ryan Solomon UR/UR/20 vs. Quean Smith 7-8 vs. Brandon Ngati 1-18
or - - or Joe Scanlon 6-2 - - -


Where: Fitzgerald Field House, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

When: 6:00PM CST, Friday, February 10th

Stream: WatchESPN

Key Matches:


Dom Forys spent some time out of the Pitt lineup after getting robbed by a hooker he hired off the internet.

Gonna let you read that again. Take your time. Soak it in.

But now he’s back and doesn’t seem to have lost a step. These two met at NCAAs last March with Hall coming away with a 13-7 decision. Hall’s up and down season has left his likely NCAA seed up in the air and a win over a top ten wrestler in Forys would go a long ways towards helping him stay away from the top few wrestlers at 133 until the quarterfinals.


Smith has spent most of the season right on the edge of being an NCAA qualifying caliber wrestler. On Friday night against Solomon he’ll have his last chance to get a statement win to show the ranking committee that he deserves a spot in the top 27 and an allocation for the conference for St. Louis. With a win he’s probably got about a 50/50 shot at an allocation. With a loss Quean would surely have to steal a spot.


Pitt has a lot of solid, but not great guys in their lineup and is able to counter one of ISU’s best wrestlers with a top ten wrestler of their own. There aren’t likely to be many blowout matches (outside of 165 because Kevin Jackson clearly hates Logan Brietenbach) but unless the ISU team looks totally different now that Jackson’s end is in sight look for a 13-19 type loss for the Cyclones on Friday night.

West Virginia

Where: WVU Coliseum, Morgantown, West Virginia

When: 1:00PM CST, Sunday, February 12th


Key Matches:


Christian Monserrat has a pretty pedestrian record for WVU this season. But Gabe Moreno hasn’t exactly set the world on fire as he attempts to keep his body together and working through the end of his senior season. This is a tossup match that Moreno has to win if he wants to have any chance of a decent seed at Big XIIs and a reasonable path to stealing a ticket to St. Louis.


You’d think we wouldn’t have to bring this up in the last month of his senior season. But Quean, please stop pinning yourself.


Iowa State has had a disappointing season. West Virginia’s has been worse. Iowa State should be able to romp to a 29-11 or so win.

Next Up:

The Cyclones will host Minnesota for senior night next Friday in their last dual of the season.