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The Mid-Morning Dump: Fifty Shades of Lonzo

Lonzo Ball went full clutch mode last night.

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Iowa State Athletics

NAISMITH TOP 30. Monte Morris was named to the Naismith top 30 list.

GET YOURSELF A BIG MAN. Prohm has his sights set on a couple of big men for next year’s class.

NO MORE SLOW STARTS! Action is going to have to replace words. Iowa State is looking to end slow starts.

PARKING INFO. Iowa State released some parking information for the game on Saturday.

MOORE ON SC TOP TEN. Incoming freshman quarterback Devon Moore made Sportscenter Top Ten last night.

Around The Country

DUKE DOWNS UNC. Grayson Allen helps power Duke past North Carolina last night.

UNC FAN TROLLS DUKE. UNC fan dresses as Grayson Allen and trolls by tripping people.

CLUTCH BALL. Lonzo Ball came up clutch late with a deep three to cap a comeback against Oregon.

FACE SLAP! Washington forward Malik Dime slapped a Colorado fan at halftime last night.

SHAKY FUTURE. Jabari Parker tore his ACL again and now the Bucks’ future is rather shaky.

NFL NEEDS. Here are all your favorite team’s needs this off-season.

DON’T NEED YOUR CRAP! The NFL’s first female referee doesn’t have time for anyone’s crap.

MAGIC SHOTS! Magic Johnson wants to call all the shots for the Lakers.