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The Mid-Morning Dump: KU has now won one in a row at AFH

Kansas all but cemented their 13th straight Big 12 title last night

Iowa State Athletics

MAN MAN. Turns out Monte Morris is really freaking good, in case you needed a reminder.

NERD ALERT. Kirk Haaland takes a deep dive into Iowa State’s offense and how they can improve going forward.

HIS OWN BOSS. Prohm decided enough was enough and finally started Solomon Young.

LADIES GOLF. The Cyclones Women’s Golf Team is 12th after two rounds in Puerto Rico.

Around the Country

100. The UCONN Women’s Basketball Team won their 100th consecutive game last night.

BIG 12 RACE. Kansas brought their home winning streak to one as West Virginia added a tally to the era of comebacks. Meanwhile, Baylor Baylored all over themselves in Lubbock.

NIT RULE CHANGES. The Hawkeyes will be part of an experiment as the NCAA is going to test some rule changes in the NIT.

LOVE HURTS. The Cleveland Cavaliers got some rough Valentine’s Day news as Kevin Love will have knee surgery and miss six weeks.

G-LEAGUE. The NBA’s Development League will now be called the G League after acquiring a Gatorade sponsorship.

NEW COACHES. 27 coaches went through year one at a new school in 2016, here’s how they performed.

LOVE DOGS. The Westminster Dog Show was last night and here were some top performers if you’re into that sort of thing.

BASEBALL. Pitchers and catchers are starting to report, but don’t let that distract you from the fact that ISU came back from 15 down to win in AFH.