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The Mid-Morning Dump - He Loves Us, He Loves Us Not

Is Kevin Dresser leaving Blacksburg or not?


Iowa State Athletics

PREVIEWING TECH. Iowa State heads to Lubbock for a showdown with the surprising Red Raiders.

GETTING CLOSE. After a mostly frustrating season, the Cyclones finally look on track to reach their potential.

BIG CHANGE. 2 weeks after looking decidely average against TCU, the Cyclones lit up Hilton and put away the Horned Frogs.

SOUNDS LIKE HE’S GONE. Virginia Tech’s Kevin Dresser seems like he’s saying goodbye to his current school to leave for Ames.

HE’S BACK! Georges Niang took in the game this weekend, and as always, had some entertaining takes.

FOUR ARRESTS MADE. A campustown shooting has resulted in four arrests.

Around The Country


BEST INTERVIEW EVER. Japanese pool player is the star of this interview.

THAT ATHLETE LIFE. Paul Pierce uses two phones at once.

THE WINNING DUNK. It was not a great dunk contest, but this Glenn Robinson III dunk was pretty legit.

TRIPPED? NO PROBLEM. Auston Matthews is a rookie. He also scores insane goals.

DUKE IS SUPPOSED TO BE GOOD ACADEMICALLY, RIGHT? Kyrie Irving believes in a flat earth.

WHAT THE HELL EVEN HAPPENED? The Darrelle Revis assault/terrorism/whatever the hell else story is pretty bizarre.

THE NAKED MAN. Stanley Wilson has been arrested for the fourth time in a year for trespassing naked.