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The Mid-Morning Dump: Lance Stephenson is Michael Scott


Iowa State Athletics

GETTING HOT. The Cyclone women have won their last three games, and four of their last five, after defeating Kansas 90-75.

MOST IMPRESSIVE. The overtime win in Lubbock was impressive in so many ways.

ISU = QUALITY TEAM? Travis Hines thinks so (and so does Steve Prohm).

THE MASTER WEIGHS IN. Dan Gable gives his thoughts on his former pupil, Kevin Dresser.

ACHILLES HEEL. Kene Nwangwu injured his achilles tendon and will be out for a few months. His status for the 2017 season is questionable.

Around the Country

MAGIC MAN. Magic Johnson is now in charge of the Los Angeles Lakers’ front office.

GOOD THING THO? Maybe Lakers fans shouldn’t be as excited for Magic to take over...

RETIRING AT 30. Good read from former NFL lineman Geoff Schwartz on why he’s retiring from the NFL with no regrets.

25 EXCITING GAMES. Missing college football? Here’s 25 games that’ll be played this season to daydream about while you wait.

CAL YOU SUCK. This probably isn’t what John Calipari wants to hear while giving an interview.

MICHAEL SCOTTED. Lance Stephenson stole a Michael Jordan quote as his own.

NFC CAP CASUALTIES. Who might get cut from each team to clear up cap space?

OSCARS HONESTLY 2017. I enjoyed the Oscars Honest Trailer last year... Here’s this year’s edition.