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The Mid-Morning Dump: Duke Got McLemore’d Edition

It was a very big night in the college basketball world

Iowa State Athletics

THE GUYS AFTER THE GUY. John Walters and Eric Heft are going on 14 years as a tandem, and these humble, hard working, homers are the perfect guys to follow the late, great, Pete Taylor.

KICKING IT. Garrett Owens is hoping that enjoying football and the process will help him become the guy that steps in after Cole Netten.

DOWNEY AND OUT. Patrick Downey is no longer with the Iowa State Wrestling program.

DRESSER IN. On the same day as Downey’s dismissal, Kevin Dresser was introduced as Iowa State’s head wrestling coach, and he’s a familiar face to Cyclone Nation.

Around the Country

COLLEGE BASKETBALL. There’s a million things that could go here. Syracuse McLemore’d Duke, Kansas clinched 13, Oklahoma State could have put the proverbial final dagger in Bruce Weber, Rick Pitino went nuts, Butler swept the number one team in the country, the B1G is awful, another Mississauga native, (Naz’s hometown), Dillon Brooks does it again, etc. Norlander sums it up better.

HARBAUGH DANCES. Harbaugh is getting into the March Madness spirit, but I’m not sure he understand that the Big Dance is more of a metaphorical term.

NBA TRADE DEADLINE. There’s a lot going on in the NBA right now if you’re into that sort of thing. For those who appreciate a good FU performance, there’s a place for that too. Even if you reminisce about the good old days, Larry and Magic are going at it again.

OH MISS. Ole Miss is self imposing a one year postseason ban for recruiting violations.

SPORTS BLOGGING. We have our fun here at WRNL, but sports blogging can be a confusing and dangerous place.

NHL IS ALSO DOING THINGS. The NHL is also going about their trade deadline business, and bringing heated rivals together.