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The Mid-Morning Dump: Spring Training games are here!

The first spring training games start today!

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Iowa State Athletics

KING SOLOMON? Can Solomon Young be the differencemaker this time against Baylor?

ENDING THE STREAK. Iowa State is looking to end a five game skid against Baylor.

TAKING AIM. New Iowa State wrestling coach Kevin Dresser has his sights set on Iowa.

LEO IN AMES. Matt Leo arrived in Ames on Wednesday.

Around The Country

THEY DON’T LOVE YOU! Draymond had some kind words to say to Paul Pierce last night.

AMES NATIVE ON THE MOVE. Doug McDermott was sent to Oklahoma City yesterday in a trade.

TRADE DEADLINE GRADES. Here are the grades on yesterday’s NBA trade deals.

CREIGHTON STAR IN TROUBLE. A felony arrest warrant has been issued for Maurice Watson Jr.

JAY CUTLER RETIREMENT? With his name floating in trade rumors, the quarterback is reportedly considering retirement.

SPRING TRAINING. Spring Training games start today but here are the stats that matter.

FULL TIME UMP. Iowan Pat Hoberg has been named a full-time umpire in the MLB.

NASCAR DUELS. Denny Hamlin and Chase Elliot took the wins in the Daytona 500 qualifying duels last night.