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The Mid-Morning Dump: Monte Wins It Again

Just another honor for Man-Man.


Iowa State Athletics

POTW. Monte Morris was named Big 12 Player of the Week for his big numbers in two big Iowa State wins last week.

BIG TURNAROUND. Iowa State looks like a different team than the one that lost in Waco, and everybody’s noticing.

NO LUCK NEEDED. Iowa State was heavily out-rebounded and out-second-chanced, but still won.

WHAT SEED ARE WE ROOTING FOR? Chris Williams goes over the various possibilities of Big 12 tournament seeding.

THE BIG FINALE. Seanna Johnson talks about the emotions associated with her Senior night.

Around The Country

FINE MOM, I’LL STOP BEING MEAN. Shaq says his mom told him to stop his feud with Javale McGee, so he did.

A FORMER COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER OSCAR? Mahershala Ali won the best supporting actor Oscar last night, but did you know he played ball at St. Marys?

FINE PRINT GETS YOU EVERY TIME. A Louisville student was denied a halftime shot prize because of a technicality.

RIGHT OFF THE OPENING FACEOFF. It took Jamie Benn and David Backes exactly 0 seconds of game time to throw down.

OUCH. An incredible save was overshadowed by a goalkeeper pulling the ball back into his own net.

PENGUINS! REAL PENGUINS! The Penguins had their mascot chill with real penguins during their Stadium Series game against the Flyers.

AND THEY STILL WON BY 22. Northwestern player ties her shoe while in possession of the basketball and it turns out as poorly as you would imagine.

THAT’S ODDLY EXACT. Nadab Joseph says he’s 82% committed to LSU.

THE STORY OF THE WORST SKIER EVER. The world’s worst skier has a very interesting backstory.