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The Mid-Morning Dump: Super Bowl Edition

This year’s Super Bowl is setting up to be an offensive battle with two great quarterbacks.

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Iowa State Athletics

MATT THOMAS MAD! Matty Ice is playing great basketball right now but he wants wins more than anything.

BOWIE SUSPENDED. Darrell Bowie has been suspended for the Kansas game on Saturday.

WIN WITH PEOPLE. When you recruit at Iowa State, you have to sell people and win with them.

CYCLONES IN THE SUPER BOWL. Here are five memories of former Cyclones in the Super Bowl.

TOP WRESTLER WANTS OUT. Ethan Smith, one of Iowa State’s top wrestling recruits wants a release.

CYCLONE HOCKEY!!! Iowa State hockey club got some love last night on ESPN.

Around The Country

BAD BRADY! Tom Brady is disciplined by Bill Belichick just like every other player is.

TEN INTRIGUING THINGS! Here are ten things that are interesting for this year’s Super Bowl.

FALCONS MOTIVATED. Super Bowl week has given the Falcons plenty of motivation. Not that you need any for the Super Bowl.

WAYS TO STOP ATLANTA. Yo New England, if you need help slowing down Atlanta, this may help you out.

TEN BEST WHO HAVEN’T WON. There are 10 great players who are still active who have not won it all.

LET’S GAMBLE. Here are 51 of the wildest things you can bet on during the Super Bowl.

ATLANTA WINS IN MUSIC. Atlanta already destroyed New England in the Super Bowl of music.

WHO WINS? ESPN made their picks on who wins the Super Bowl.

TEN YEARS AGO! David Tyree’s helmet catch happened ten years ago today.

KOBE BUFFALOMEAT. Jimmy Kimmel ribbed Kobe Buffalomeat last night.

WILL TIGER EVER GET BACK FULLY? Tiger pulled out of Dubai citing back spasms.

JAYHAWKS IN MORE TROUBLE. Legerald Vick and Josh Jackson have been tied to a vandalism case.