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The Mid-Morning Dump - What A Weekend!

For once in our Cyclone lives, we can relate to the winning side of a gigantic comeback. Huh?


Iowa State Athletics

MONTE AND NAZ GET PHOG. Monte Morris and Naz Mitrou-Long talk about finally getting their big win against KU at Phog Allen.

SOLOMON’S RETURN. After getting zero minutes last weekend, Solomon Young was thrown into action against KU, and impressed Steve Prohm immensely.

WE’RE IN! Gary Parrish was convinced enough by Iowa State’s win over Kansas that the Cyclones are back in his 25+1.

OPPORTUNITIES AHEAD. After a turbulent week in college basketball, the Cyclones are primed to take advantage and move up to second in the Big 12.

Around The Country

ALL THE COMMERCIALS! A lot of politically/socially relevant commercials this year, but my personal favorite might be the Cam Newton Buick ad. Here’s all of them!

HOW?! Tom Brady’s incredible fourth quarter performance spurred the Patriots to their fifth Super Bowl.

THE CATCH. Julian Edelman’s amazing grab off a pile of Falcons was so crazy, even Patriots players were in disbelief.

HARD TO ARGUE. LeGarrette Blount told Tom Brady that he was “the fucking greatest” on live TV.

HE’S AT LEAST THE GREATEST SHADETHROWER. Tom Brady filmed a commercial with five rings and threw some shade at Goodell.

LOLGRONK. Of course he had time in his celebration to throw a shoutout to his beef jerky sponsor.

MAYBE RUN THE BALL. The clock management for the Falcon in the fourth quarter was less than optimal.

BODYCHECK OF THE YEAR? Colorado is dead last in the NHL, but Nikita Zadorov sure can hit.

PAYS TO BE AN ATHLETE. Chelsea’s Thibaut Courtois played in London, went to a Knicks game, and watched the Super Bowl, all in one weekend.

REF PUSHED FIRST! High school hockey in Buffalo is anger inducing.