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The Mid-Morning Dump: Cyclones Seek Second Straight Road Win Tonight at Texas

How will the Cyclones respond after their epic win on Saturday?

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Iowa State Athletics

OLD NEWS? The Cyclones see their victory over #3 Kansas on Saturday as old news, and are focused on Texas.

NO CASH FOR CLUNKERS. Iowa State can’t afford to turn in one tonight.

BRACKETOLOGY. Yes, it’s that time again. Iowa State seems to be slotted as an 8/9 seed at the moment. Jerry Palm probably has us in the NIT, however.

KEVIN JACKSON IS TRYING... to hold the program together. The outgoing head wrestling coach is making sure his players understand that sticking with ISU going forward is the most important thing.

DON’T SLEEP ON THIS KID. Angel Dominguez missed his entire senior season with a knee injury, so saying he has a chip on his shoulder is a bit of an understatement.

IT’S YOUR FAULT, MINNESOTA. Check out this cool story Fox 9 in Minneapolis put together on Jack Trice.

WHO’S GUARDING HURL BEECHUM? No one, apparently.

Around The Country

LEBRON DOES RIDICULOUS THINGS. Like travel and miss a wide open layup when down one, only to make a wild three at the buzzer to force overtime.

KYRIE IRVING IS RIDICULOUS. Golden State fans might not want to watch this clip.

ITS THE AGELESS VINCE CARTER, EVERYBODY! Somehow Vince Carter managed to block 4 (!!!) shots in an NBA game last night.

CINDERELLA WATCH YASSSSSSSSSSSS. Everyone loves the darling of March that is Cinderella, and there’s more than one team whose slipper might fit this year.

IIIIIII WANNA MOCK AND ROLL ALL NIGHT. And if you do too, never fear, as mock draft season has now officially begun.

SUBTLE. The Patriots defensive coordinator wore a Roger Goodell clown t-shirt as the team arrived in Boston.

PURPLE KANSAS CAN’T GET IT DONE. Real Kansas knocked off the Wildcats in Manhattan last night.