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The Mid-Morning Dump: It’s ‘root for your RPI’ season!

The most meaningless of metrics takes center stage.

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Iowa State Athletics

DIVE RIGHT IN. Iowa State’s own Julie Dickinson is this week’s Big 12 Diver of the Week.

MR. CYCLONE. Catch up on what’s going on with Stevie Johnson in Rob Gray’s feature of the athlete that participated in arguably the best football and basketball season in Iowa State history.

TWO #1’S? Iowa State may have found another number one type receiver in JUCO star, Matt Eaton.

CROOTIN’. How Iowa State held on to tight end Charlie Kolar when Oklahoma State came calling.

NOW’S THE TIME. Iowa State has a trio of 1,000 point scorers, and it’s time for them to take control of the season.

NEW COACH. Here are some early candidates to replace Kevin Jackson for the Iowa State Wrestling program.

Around the Country

RIP RPI. Here’s what happened with some bubble teams last night. Not much matters for Iowa State unless you still believe in the dying RPI, which is starting to be sunset by the selection committee.

BATTLING WITH THE BOSS. Under Armour’s CEO and star spokesperson are on completely different pages regarding the President of the United States.

GAME WINNING SHOT. Before you judge Trevor Booker for this horrific game winning shot attempt, realize, it’s worked before.

GAME WINNING CHARGE. George Washington thought they had hit a game winning three pointer, only to lose on a game winning “charge” by VCU.

THE KNICKS STAY WEIRD. Former Knick, Charles Oakley was arrested at last night’s Knicks game, which is just the latest happening in a weird relationship between the organization and its former star.

THE CUBS STAY WINNING. Cubs superstar, Anthony Rizzo, has reached out to support a young boy who was viciously assaulted at school.

BUS DRIVER THIEVERY. A rogue bus driver took off with the St. Louis basketball team’s bus yesterday following the team’s loss at St. Bonaventure.

REVIEWS ARE BAD. Just when you thought the Big 12 had the worst officiating reviews of all time, the NHL says “hold my beer - watch this.”