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The Mid-Morning Dump: The Perfect Senior Night

Get the win? Check. Have the seniors carry the load? Check. Great speeches and memories? Check.


Iowa State Athletics

THE HIGHLIGHTS. Check out how the Cyclones were able to finish their home slate with a win.

THE SPEECHES. If you weren’t able to watch last night, you can see the speeches all of the seniors gave courtesy of the Iowa State Daily.

CORE FOUR. The four senior starters carried the load for Iowa State on senior night.

DESERVED THAT. ISU’s seniors got the send-off they deserved, writes Travis Hines.

10 TAKEAWAYS. A few thoughts from Chris Williams following the win against OSU.

DO-EVERYTHING. On the opening day of spring football practice, Joel Lanning worked exclusively with the linebackers.

Around the Country

SUPER SPECIAL SENIOR NIGHT. What better time than senior night to propose to your girlfriend?

NBA WAIVER WIRE. If your team needs help, here’s who’s available for NBA teams to pick up.

NFL FREE AGENCY. Here are the top 100 guys available via free agency this year.

MOTIVATION. Antonio Brown kept his negative scouting report for seven years as motivation.

KD DONE? Kevin Durant might be done for the season after injuring his knee.

STYLISH. DeMarcus Cousins wore panties on his head during a Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans.

RUNNING AWAY. After consulting with WRNL wrestling guru GrappleCy, we can confirm that this is not a good wrestling strategy.

ADORABLE. If you need a pick-me-up, just look at this picture of a seal cuddling a tiny stuffed seal.

#TEAMEMMA. I can’t believe some of you commenters don’t think Emma Watson is absolutely adorable.