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The WRNL Bracket Challenge is Live!

The brackets have been released. Make sure you make your picks!

NCAA Basketball: Big 12 Championship-Iowa State vs West Virginia Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

It’s the Monday after Selection Sunday. You know... The day you spend all day thinking and re-thinking your NCAA Tournament picks after hastily putting together your first bracket on Sunday night. Chances are, you’re probably looking to join any bracket group you can right now because THIS IS THE YEAR where you FINALLY picked the perfect bracket!

Don’t forget to head to make your picks in the 2017 WRNL Bracket Challenge, hosted by Yahoo! The password to enter is “3sus” and if you win, you’ll get a Facebook status and tweet sent from the WRNL accounts explaining that you’re the greatest bracket predictor of all-time... So it’s pretty much a big deal.

Who do you have it winning it all? How far do you have the Cyclones advancing? Which first round upset is most likely to happen? (Definitely not Nevada over ISU...) Let us know in the comments!