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‘Twas the Night Before March Madness

The brackets were placed on the table with care...

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

'Twas the Night Before March Madness

‘Twas the night before March Madness, when all thro' the house,
A tiny creature was stirring, inside the coach's spouse;

The drinks were stocked in the fridge with care,
With the hopes that the officiating would be somewhat fair;

The brackets were completed with No. 2 lead,
With thoughts and prayers the pool wouldn't get busted by the feds;

When watching TruTV there arose disheartening chatter,
They think the Wolfpack will win and I couldn't be madder;

Away to my brackets I flew like a flash,
Checked over my winners, thought "I'm winning some cash";

Although tomorrow there might be some cursing by name,
I'll have to remind myself it's just a basketball game;

Today we lay down and we take a great nap,
As tomorrow night the Cyclones will play in the late nightcap;

The Cyclones made it to Milwaukee on Tuesday despite the March snow,
But Thursday evening is the night they must show;

With a little old point guard so lively and quick,
I wouldn't recommend Nevada as your first round upset pick;

They said when Fred left it wouldn't be the same,
The doubters though have left as quick as they came;

Nazareth and Matthew will let the 3-pointers fly,
But if they don't we still might get by;

We hope they play well and win you see,
Because I don't think any of us could take another UAB;

As Michael Jordan said, this team's ceiling is the roof,
Let's just hope they don't fall short ,becoming the subject of another spoof;

If they can knock down shots, defend and rebound,
This team and their fans will once again be KC bound;

When we wake up in the morning,
The action will be near roaring;

A win would be best for you and for me,
But even a loss is better than being in the NIT;