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The Mid-Morning Dump: Baby Prohm Has Impeccable Timing

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Iowa State Athletics

BABY PROHM. An emergency plan is in place if Steve Prohm were to leave the team to be with his wife while she gives birth.

TALKING WITH STEVE. The Cyclones arrived in Milwaukee yesterday and this is what Coach Prohm had to say upon arrival.

“THE MEETING.” One meeting changed the course of the season for ISU.

NO DISTRACTIONS. Iowa State’s players from Milwaukee are doing their best to avoid distractions in their hometown.

BUYIN’ ERRTHANG. Local businesses have seen a spike in apparel sales with Iowa State’s Big 12 Tournament win and the men’s and women’s teams making the NCAA Tournament.

PINK LEGACY. Randy Peterson writes about how Deonte Burton has been honoring his mom this season.

Around the Country

BOOK OF 3LI. Elijah Long, Naz’s little brother, helped his team advance to play Villanova after defeating New Orleans in the opening game of the tournament.

CATS VICTORIOUS. Kansas State defeated Wake Forest to make teams Iowa State played this season 2-0 after the first day of the NCAA Tournament.

ZAGA WINNING IT ALL? Here’s the case for why the Bulldogs can do it this year.

BOOOOOO. The guys at the Mothership picked Purdue to beat ISU in the second round of the tournament.

MONTE IS GOOD. Monte Morris was included in the top 50 March Madness players you should know. Here’s his snippet:

Morris broke records for assist-to-turnover ratio early in his college career and has continued to be one of the game’s top floor generals even as he’s been forced to up his scoring the last two seasons. If you’re a fan of pristine point guard play, Morris is your guy.

WARNING SIGNS. Here’s 8 signs your team is about to suffer a crippling NCAA Tournament loss.

BANKRUPTCY LOOMING? If Northern Kentucky beats Kentucky, NKU students are getting free steak from a local restaurant.

UHHH, JAY... Probably not what Jay Williams was trying to draw here (NSFW if you’re a stick figure).

LIVE BRACKET. You can track all the updates to this year’s NCAA Tournament as they happen right here.

RACING CORGIS. If you need a little racing cuteness in your life...

STAR WARS DUMP! If Star Wars Took Place Today...