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NCAA Wrestling Day 1 Recap/Day 2 Preview & Open Thread

Jack MacDonald/Iowa State Daily

Iowa State is not in last place. Let’s leave it at that.


Session III (Quarterfinals): Begins Friday, March 17th, at 10 a.m. on ESPNU & WatchESPN

Session IV (Semifinals): Begins Friday, March 17th, at 7 p.m. on ESPN & WatchESPN

Session V (Medal Rounds): Begins Saturday, March 18th, at 10 a.m. on ESPN & WatchESPN

Session VI (Finals): Begins Saturday, March 18th, at 7 p.m. on ESPN & WatchESPN

Live brackets and mat assignments will be on Trackwrestling

Day 1 Results


Hall pulled a Hall and dropped his first match to unranked Pat D’Arcy of Princeton 1-8. That dropped him to a consolation match against unseeded, but ranked #20, Connor Schram of Stanford. Schram was also a returning All American and ended up coming out on top 6-5 to send Hall home with an 0-2 record in his last NCAA outing. Hall ends his career with 2 AA honors and an R12 appearance.


Weatherspoon used a last second takedown to achieve a 3-1 victory over #22 ranked Jon Schliefer of Princeton in his opening match. However, in next round he wasn’t able to recreate his magic from last season and dropped a 10-4 decision to #3 seeded Bo Jordan of Ohio State.


Harrington opened up with a 0-7 loss to #6 seeded Preston Weigel of Oklahoma State. That sent him to a more evenly matched consolation matchup with #24 ranked Ben Honis of Cornell. As per his normal protocol Harrington started things off with a quick TD and then did absolutely nothing the rest of the match. He ended up losing 2-11. Hopefully next season the staff can convince him to continue wrestling past the 30 second mark. If they can do that Harrington could end up being pretty good.

Day 2 Preview


Weatherspoon will start his morning against #28 ranked Ryan Christensen of Wisconsin. That’s a very winnable match. As long as he doesn’t pull a Hall he should be able to advance in to the next round. However, what had looked like a straightforward path to the R12 got a lot tougher due to #6 ranked Ryan Preisch of Lehigh getting upset last night and dropping in to Lelund’s part of the bracket. Preisch will be a tough out in the third round of consolations if Lelund gets that early win over Christensen.

Assuming Lelund is able to stay alive with a win over Preisch he’ll have an R12 matchup tonight against #9 ranked Miles Amine of Michigan for a shot at his second AA honors.

Fantasy Standings

An Iowa Interloper leads with 43.5 points.

Place Team Score
Place Team Score
1 Fightin' RLNelsons 43.5
2 Fightin' Isuskas 39.5
3 Fightin' brett108s 37
4 Fightin' KSHunts 36
5 Fightin' Bthomps01s 34.5
6 Fightin' CY88CE11s 34
6 Fightin' Dylon Rhoads 34
6 Fightin' 52Traps 34
9 Fightin' Buf87s 33
9 Fightin' huskiemorse157s 33
9 Fightin' csteves 33
12 Fightin Redroosters 31.5
12 Fightin' cobonions 31.5
12 Fightin' Rosonkes 31.5
15 Fightin' Cattle Feeders 31
15 Fightin' Fitzs 31
17 Fightin' Batch40ozSippers 29.5
17 Fightin' wsiglins 29.5
19 Fightin' GrappleCys 28.5
19 Fightin' BillyClones 28.5
21 Fightin' Team 23s 28
22 Stallin' Stallers 27.5
23 Fightin' Mdk2ISUs 27
23 Fightin' NYNJLAWs 27
25 Fightin' SouthJerseyCys 26
25 Fightin' CorntoCoasts 26
25 Fightin' Black Dog LF 2Xs 26
28 Fightin' HitHard58s 25.5
29 Fightin' WastedTalents 24
29 Fightin' Rex Darts 24

Up Next

Win or lose, we’ll have a recap and updated fantasy standings up either late tonight or tomorrow morning.