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The Mid-Morning Dump: Calling Purdue

Purdue, you have a call on line one. It’s Iowa State.

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Iowa State Athletics

GAME RECAP. Iowa State was able to hold off Nevada to set up a date with Purdue.

IOWA STATE SURVIVES WITH MONTE BENCHED. Iowa State was able to survive a key stretch with Monte benched with 3 fouls.

WHO ARE THEY CALLING? No one really knows who Iowa State calls during the game, but the fans love it.

LATE NIGHT TIPS. Iowa State was hit with another late night tip off.


EARLY PURDUE PREVIEW. Expect a close one tomorrow, Cyclone fans.

Around The Country

NCAA TOURNAMENT DAY 1 RECAP. Here is day 1 of the NCAA tournament recap and highlights.

NCAA TOURNAMENT DAY 2 PREVIEW. Need to know what channels the games are on? Or what may happen? We got you, fam.

VANDY GOOF! Matthew Fisher-Davis goofed by intentionally fouling up one and allowing Northwestern to hit free throws and win.

YOU RUINED IT! Apparently the one and done’s have ruined the NCAA Tournament.

TOM CREAN FIRED! Tom Crean was fired yesterday one season after Indiana was Big 10 Champions.

WESTBROOK SILKY! While everyone was focused on the NCAA Tournament, Russell Westbrook was throwing out sweet dimes.

FRIDAY SONG OF THE DAY. This one goes out to Darrell Bowie.