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The Mid-Morning Dump: Dancing Kitties Edition

Northwestern should be dancing!

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Iowa State Athletics

OFFENSIVE LINE. Here’s an inside the ropes look at the offensive line as they progress through spring ball.

AGAIN. Looks like a lot of news outlets started with the offensive line.

CROOTIN’. Iowa State has a visit scheduled with a grad transfer from Clemson.

POISED FOR A TURNAROUND. The Associated Press seems to think Iowa State is one of the six teams poised for a big turnaround this season.

GET NERDY. Kirk Haaland nerds out on the statistics of Iowa State’s three, four-year seniors.

I’M FINE, THANKS. Monte Morris wasn’t gonna let Donovan Jackson just lay there injured after attempting to hurdle Phil Forte III.

BIG 12 GONNA BIG 12. Seanna Johnson didn’t make the 1st or 2nd team All-Big 12 selections, and her coach rightfully stood up for her.

HALL OF FAME. Iowa State has announced its class of 2017 Hall of Fame inductees, and it’s a great one.

Around the Country

DANCING KITTIES. Northwestern all but sealed their NCAA Tournament chances with this game winner.

BUBBLE WATCH. Here’s all the info you need to keep up on the bubble Iowa State is no longer on.

C’S &C’S. The Cavaliers and Celtics may have just played an Eastern Conference Finals preview, and the world was not disappointed. Oh, and Lebron met Bill Belichick.

EM-BYE-D. Joel Embiid will miss the remainder of the season. Allow me to show you my shocked face. Tough break for a breakout star.

NFL COMBINE. The NFL Combine began yesterday, so what did we learn? Related: What’s the biggest free agency need for your team?

BIG 12 COMBINE. Does the Big 12 have an NFL Combine problem?

OTHER FOOTBALL. If you’re into the other type of football, the MLS season kicks off tomorrow so you should probably brush up on your favorite team.