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2017 NCAA Wrestling Championships Recap & Final Results/Brackets

NCAA Wrestling: Division I Wrestling Championship Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

The worst season in Iowa State Wrestling history drew to a close over the weekend as the Cyclones limped to a 57th place finish at NCAAs. The only positive to take away from the weekend was that with the conclusion of the finals on Saturday evening Kevin Dresser officially took over as head coach of the team. It’s a new era for wrestling in Ames and there’s a lot of hope that it will go better than the last one.

Final Brackets

Available here (.pdf)

Iowa State Results


Earl Hall’s Cyclone career ended with a thud. He went 0-2 with a pair of losses to lower ranked opponents, neither of whom won any other matches.


Lelund Weatherspoon opened up with the Cyclone’s lone win of the tournament, a 3-1 decision over Peter Galli of Stanford. He then dropped a 4-10 decision to eventual runner up Bo Jordan of Ohio State in the 2nd round. He then failed to get anything going in the wrestlebacks and dropped an 0-3 match to Ryan Christensen of Wisconsin to end his tournament.


Unlike Hall and Weatherspoon, just getting to NCAAs was an accomplishment for Marcus Harrington so there wasn’t a lot of pressure on him to pick up any wins. He opened up with an 0-7 loss to eventual 6th place finisher Preston Weigel of Oklahoma State. That dropped him to a consolation match against Benjamin Honis of Cornell. In that match Harrington scored on an early TD to go up 2-0 and then didn’t do anything the rest of the match (something we saw a lot of this year). He ended up losing 2-11 to end his sophomore campaign.

Final Team Scores

Place School Score
Place School Score
1 Penn State 146.5
2 Ohio State 110
3 Oklahoma State 103
4 Iowa 97
5 Missouri 86.5
6 Virginia Tech 63.5
7 Minnesota 62.5
8 Cornell 60.5
9 Nebraska 59.5
10 Michigan 47.5
11 Illinois 43.5
12 Lehigh 40
13 Wisconsin 39.5
14 Arizona State 39
15 Virginia 29.5
16 South Dakota State 28.5
17 NC State 26
18 Northern Iowa 25.5
19 Rutgers 24.5
20 Edinboro 20.5
21 Rider 20
21 Wyoming 20
23 Central Michigan 19.5
24 Stanford 16
25 Princeton 15.5
26 Appalachian State 13.5
26 Old Dominion 13.5
28 Oregon State 12.5
29 SIUE 12
30 Northern Illinois 11.5
31 Navy 10
32 Duke 9.5
32 Oklahoma 9.5
32 Pittsburgh 9.5
35 Indiana 8.5
35 Maryland 8.5
37 Pennsylvania 8
38 Campbell 6.5
39 Buffalo 5.5
40 Bucknell 5
41 American 4.5
41 Michigan State 4.5
41 North Carolina 4.5
44 Cleveland State 4
44 Lock Haven 4
46 Northwestern 3.5
47 Gardner-Webb 3
47 North Dakota State University 3
47 Northern Colorado 3
50 Purdue 2.5
51 Eastern Michigan 2
51 Ohio 2
53 Army 1.5
53 CSU Bakersfield 1.5
53 Drexel 1.5
53 Utah Valley University 1.5
57 Binghamton University 1
57 Clarion 1
57 Columbia 1
57 Iowa State 1
57 West Virginia 1
62 Cal Poly 0.5
62 George Mason 0.5
62 Harvard 0.5
62 Kent State 0.5
66 Boise State 0
66 Brown 0
66 The Citadel 0
69 Chattanooga -0.5

Weight-by-Weight Results


Place Wrestler School
Place Wrestler School
1 Darian Cruz Lehigh
2 Ethan Lizak Minnesota
3 Thomas Gilman Iowa
4 Nicholas Piccininni Oklahoma State
5 Joey Dance Virginia Tech
6 Jack Mueller Virginia
7 Sean Russell Edinboro
8 Nathan Kraisser Campbell
R12 Sean Fausz NC State
R12 Brock Hudkins Northern Illinois
R12 Tim Lambert Nebraska
R12 Freddie Rodriguez SIUE


Place Wrestler School
Place Wrestler School
1 Cory Clark Iowa
2 Seth Gross South Dakota State
3 Nathan Tomasello Ohio State
4 Stevan Micic Michigan
5 Kaid Brock Oklahoma State
6 Eric Montoya Nebraska
7 Zane Richards Illinois
8 Scotty Parker Lehigh
R12 Joey Palmer Oregon State
R12 Mitch KcKee Minnesota
R12 Scott Delvecchio Rutgers
R12 Bryan Lantry Buffalo


Place Wrestler School
Place Wrestler School
1 Dean Heil Oklahoma State
2 George DiCamillo Virginia
3 Kevin Jack NC State
4 Bryce Meredith Wyoming
5 Jaydin Eierman Missouri
6 Anthony Ashnault Rutgers
7 Matthew Kolodzik Princeton
8 Thomas Thorn Minnesota
R12 Tyler Smith Bucknell
R12 Joey McKenna Stanford
R12 Jimmy Gulibon Penn State
R12 Colton McCrystal Nebraska


Place Wrestler School
Place Wrestler School
1 Zain Retherford Penn State
2 Lavion Mayes Missouri
3 Brandon Sorensen Iowa
4 Micah Jordan Ohio State
5 Max Thomsen Northern Iowa
6 Solomon Chishko Virginia Tech
7 Kenny Theobold Rutgers
8 Alex Kocer South Dakota State
R12 Laike Gardner Lehigh
R12 Steve Bleise Northern Illinois
R12 Andrew Crone Wisconsin
R12 Justin oliver Central Michigan


Place Wrestler School
Place Wrestler School
1 Jason Nolf Penn State
2 Joey Lavallee Missouri
3 Michael Kemerer Iowa
4 Joseph Smith Oklahoma State
5 Tyler Berger Nebraska
6 Dylan Palacio Cornell
7 Paul Fox Stanford
8 Sal Mastriani Virginia Tech
R12 Jake Short Minnesota
R12 Bryan Clagon Rider
R12 Max Behea Penn
R12 Archie Colgan Wyoming


Place Wrestler School
Place Wrestler School
1 Vincenzo Joseph Penn State
2 Isaiah Martinez Illinois
3 Logan Massa Michigan
4 Isaac Jordan Wisconsin
5 Chandler Rogers Oklahoma State
6 Daniel Lewis Missouri
7 Chad Walsh Rider
8 Brandon Womack Cornell
R12 Drew Hughes Michigan State
R12 Vryce Steiert UNI
R12 Anthony Valencia Arizona State
R12 Nicholas Wanzek Minnesota


Place Wrestler School
Place Wrestler School
1 Mark Hall Penn State
2 Bo Jordan Ohio State
3 Zahid Valencia Arizona State
4 Myles Amine Michigan
5 Brian Realbuto Cornell
6 Zac Brunson Illinois
7 Kyle Crutchmer Oklahoma State
8 Jake Residori SIUE
R12 Zach Epperly Virginia Tech
R12 Ryan Preisch Lehigh
R12 Jadaen Bernstein Navy
R12 Alex Meyer Iowa


Place Wrestler School
Place Wrestler School
1 Bo Nickal Penn State
2 Gabe Dean Cornell
3 TJ Dudley Nebraska
4 Sammy Brooks Iowa
5 Myles Martin Ohio State
6 Nolan Boyd Oklahoma State
7 Drew Foster Northern Iowa
8 Nathan Jackson Indiana
R12 Micheal Macchiavello NC State
R12 Jack Dechow Old Dominion
R12 Nicholas Gravina Rutgers
R12 Emery Parker Illinois


Place Wrestler School
Place Wrestler School
1 J`den Cox Missouri
2 Brett Pfarr Minnesota
3 Kollin Moore Ohio State
4 Jared Haught Virginia Tech
5 Aaron Studebaker Nebraska
6 Preston Weigel Oklahoma State
7 Ryan Wolfe Rider
8 Kevin Beazley Old Dominion
R12 Matt McCutcheon Penn State
R12 Shawn Scott Northern Illinois
R12 Daniel Chaid North Carolina
R12 Cash Wilke Iowa


Place Wrestler School
Place Wrestler School
1 Kyle Snyder Ohio State
2 Connor Medbery Wisconsin
3 Tanner Hall Arizona State
4 y Walz Virginia Tech
5 Nick Nevills Penn State
6 Jacob Kasper Duke
7 Michael Kroells Minnesota
8 Denzel Dejournette Appalachian State
R12 Ryan Solomon Pitt
R12 Doug Vollaro Lehigh
R12 Youssif Hemida Maryland
R12 Conan Jennings Northwestern

Parting thoughts

Based on how this season went placing in the top 10, or anywhere near it, was out of the question. But going 1-6 overall and having two returning All Americans win only a single match between them was depressing to see.

Next Up

As Coach Dresser announces his hires for coaching and for elite athletes at the regional training center we’ll provide updates. We’ll also make sure to keep you posted on any news concerning transfers and recruits.