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The Mid-Morning Dump: Steph and Russ DO NOT LIKE Each Other

Things got a bit chippy in OKC last night.

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Iowa State Athletics

SENIORS RENAISSANCE. This year’s senior class led a major revival of Iowa State Basketball.

SWEETEN THE DEAL. It may be wise for Iowa State to sweeten Steve Prohm’s deal.

WHAT TO EXPECT? What are some realistic expectations for next season?

LEATH OUT. Steven Leath is heading to Auburn to become their University President.

Around The Country

THINGS ARE GETTING HEATED. Tensions boiled over last night in Oklahoma City.

PUERTO RICO TO THE FINALS. Puerto Rico is heading to their second straight WBC final.

MAGICIAN JAVY. Javy Baez is out to mess with fools on the base paths.

TEBOW TO CLASS-A. Tim Tebow is heading to the Mets Class A affiliate.

WOMENS TOURNEY UPDATE. UCONN women continue to torch the field.

TRUMP SHOTS. President Trump took shots at unsigned quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

MORE BRADY COURT BATTLES. Legal ramifications remain after Tom Brady’s jersey was found.