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The Mid-Morning Dump: Joel Lanning, LB Edition

The most publicized position change in Iowa State history

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ALL DISTRICT. Deonte Burton and Monte Morris took home All District Honors from the NABC yesterday. Burton is also headed to the Poutsmouth Invitational.

CONTRACTUAL HEALING. With the craziness of the coaching carousel, here’s where things stand with Coach Prohm and Jamie Pollard.

HOIHMBALL? Still struggling to figure out what to call this era, but this is impressive.

CYCLONES IN THE PROS. It was a good day for some former Cyclones.

QB1 TO LB 1. Rather than try to link to all of the possible stories of the Lanning move separately, you’re just going to have to parse through this sentence.

LEAVING A LEGACY. Allen Lazard has the opportunity to leave quite the legacy at Iowa State.

CONGRATS. Congratulations to North Dakota on their impending 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023 FBS National Titles.

VOLLEYBALL. Schedule is out, unlike ISU Baseball.

SHOCKER. There seems to be a lot of fire around the smoke of rumors regarding Wichita State’s move to the AAC.

TOO SOON. Here’s some under the radar NBA Draft prospects in the Sweet 16 that could have featured Deonte Bur-

FRAUD. I’m not a big fan of using the Tournament to judge conference strength, but I am all about that fraudulent ACC life.

COACHING CARTER. I won’t be sorry to see Jevon Carter leave the Big 12 after next year, and I mean that with the utmost respect.

ROAD DOGS. Road teams seem to be negating the home court advantage of the NBA of late thanks to an unlikely source.

THE MASTERS. Tiger Woods opens up about his first win at Augusta, on its 20-year anniversary.

MIKE LEACH. I can never get enough of these Mike Leach tales.