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The Mid-Morning Dump: Kansas thumps Purdue

Kansas turned on the jets last night and smacked around Purdue.

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RODGERS OUT. USC grad transfer Khaliel Rodgers decided to attend UNC instead of Iowa State.

IMPRESSIVE NOLAND. Zeb Noland is turning heads once again in practice.

PARK PERFECTION. Jacob Park is working on fine-tuning everything to take the next step in his game.

MAYOR TO PREZ? A petition online has started asking for Fred Hoiberg to become the next president of Iowa State.

ALL-STAR BURTON. Deonte Burton was selected to play in the Reese’s All-Star game at the Final Four.

KANSAS IS PEAKING. Kansas is starting to peak at the right time after their blowout win over Purdue.

ZONE UPSET. Xavier took down Arizona and busted a few more brackets.

SWEET SIXTEEN ROUNDUP. WVU blew a last minute possession and fell to Gonzaga.

SUNS IN THE FINAL FOUR? Could the Phoenix Suns make it to the Final Four?

JOHNNY IN NOLA? Saints head coach Sean Payton has taken a liking to Johnny Manziel.

MAYOR KANE. WWE’s Kane is running for Mayor in Tennessee.