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UNC Player Hits Game-Winning Shot, Mistakenly Shows Up in Person For Online Class

Will earn study abroad credits this week in Arizona

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-South Regional-Kentucky vs North Carolina Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Sunday afternoon, Luke Maye etched his place in North Carolina history by hitting the game winning shot over the Kentucky Wildcats. After doing the unimaginable Sunday afternoon, he one-upped himself by doing the unheard of Monday morning. He mistakenly showed up in person for an online class.

Of course, he was greeted with a standing ovation. Maye is now a hero around campus for his shot that sent North Carolina to another Final Four. His peers were ecstatic to see this star in person for the first time all semester.

We should give Maye credit for trying to do the noble thing and attend class. Especially one he was not registered for. Apparently Maye was never informed he didn’t have to show up for his online class.

It has been wild couple of years for North Carolina since their defeat at the hands of Iowa State in March of 2014. After being on the losing end of DeAndre Kane’s last second shot, and suffering a gut-wrenching buzzer-beater defeat in the National Championship game last season, it was time something finally went UNC’s way.

Maye’s typical Monday morning online class is Metaphor Basics 101. A class he is passing with flying colors thanks to his three page paper titled “The Ceiling is The Roof.”

North Carolina’s hero of the day will probably miss Friday’s 8 a.m. class as he is slated to earn some study abroad credits in Arizona at the Final Four.

Just remember, not all heroes wear capes...or backpacks.