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The Mid-Morning Dump: Riot Bowl

Iowa State will go for second place in the Big 12 tonight

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Iowa State Athletics

THIS TIME WILL BE DIFFERENT. Monte Morris vows this time will be different against West Virginia.

SENIORS CAN DO BETTER. Monte Morris believes this group of seniors can do much better.

GAME PREVIEW. We have you covered with a preview of tonight’s game against the Mountaineers.

MATCH-UP NIGHTMARE. David Montgomery is going to be a match-up issue for Big 12 teams this fall.

WARREN READY TO FINISH. Mike Warren is ready to finish what he started and get back to prime form.

PARK LOOKING TO BE THE MAN. Jacob Park is looking to take over in 2017.

Around The Country

TAJ FROM DEEP. Taj Gibson got a little arc on this 34 court shot last night against Portland.

HOIBULLS TAKE DOWN GSW. The Bulls took down Golden State last night in the Warriors’ first game without Durant.

GEORGIA CASH. Georgia has set aside over $22 million just in case the NCAA decides to allow players to be paid.

I LIKE BIG BUTTS, I CANNOT LIE! NFL Network really liked big butts yesterday at the combine.

UNDERWEAR TEST. NFL combine is one big test in your underwear, but there is a reason for it.

KAEPERNICK WILL STAND. Colin Kaepernick will now stand for the national anthem.

BAT CATCH! Mets prospect Luis Gillorme caught a bat that went flying into the dugout yesterday.