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The Mid-Morning Dump: Troll Job Edition

We had a major change today!

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EARLY ENROLL PAYING OFF! Richard Bowens III is making big gains by enrolling early at Iowa State.

WAGGONER TO HONOR. J.D. Waggoner is the latest to honor fallen Coach Bray.

MONTE TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS. Monte’s ability to survive in the NBA will come via his ball handling.

NAZ IN PHOENIX. 3sis failed to move on but he looked good for charity while doing it.

TNT HOIBULLS. The Bulls haven’t lost a regular season game on TNT in quite some time.

CAVS IN TROUBLE? Lebron says the Cavaliers are in a bad spot.

OPENING DAY! Cubs and Cardinals kick off the MLB season on Sunday, so here are some World Series picks.

FINAL FOUR PREVIEW. Who is the favorite to take home the title in Phoenix?

FRANK MARTIN! People have fallen in love with Frank Martin over the course of the NCAA Tournament.

LOSING SYMPATHY. Apparently Penn State trustee’s have little sympathy for the victims of Jerry Sandusky.