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The Mid-Morning Dump - Do You Want Cyclone Alley To Do This?


Iowa State Athletics

MONTE FIRST TEAM. Monte Morris was named to the Big 12 first team, while Naz made the second and Deonte was third team in the Big 12 player awards.

AND THIRD TEAM NATIONALLY. Two publications had Monte in their All-America teams.

NO RUSH. The football staff aren’t planning to rush Kene Nwangwu back after offseason Achilles surgery.

BETTER TE PLAY. Last year the tight ends group only combined for 10 catches. They’re looking for a big improvement this year.

WHO WANTS TO TAKE A ROAD TRIP? Iowa State is slated for the 6th seed in Milwaukee, according to Joe Lunardi and SB Nation.

Around The Country

CYCLONE ALLEY, TAKE NOTE... MAYBE? Arizona State’s student section uses some strange ways to distract free throw shooters. Saturday they went with slathered mayonnaise.

SOCCER IN ATLANTA IS HERE. How’d the Atlanta United’s debut game in the Georgia Dome go?

GENETIC FREAK. Myles Garrett is killing it at the NFL Combine.

“I CAN’T SWIM THAT WELL.” John Ross could have won an island from Adidas, but didn’t even try because he can’t swim that well.

COLLAR SAVE! Martin Jones’ collar made a save for him.

DON’T CARE, STILL DOING IT. A runner was told not to do a victory lap by a race official. She did it anyway.

SKATE TO THE NECK? STILL PLAYING TOMORROW. Adam McQuaid gets a giant gash in his neck, gets stitches, plays next day.