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The Mid-Morning Dump: The Big 12 Tournament STARTS TODAY


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Iowa State Athletics

ABOUT THAT TIME... Brace yourselves, the Big 12 Tournament officially kicks off today (even though Iowa State plays tomorrow).

BRACKET CHALLENGE! I just created this year’s WRNL Bracket Challenge on Yahoo! and you can sign up by clicking this link and entering the password “3sus.” Come prove you’re smart and everyone else is dumb!

2017 TAILGATE TOUR. Locations for this year’s Tour were announced yesterday.

DOWN GOES KANSAS. Brent Blum re-lived the 1996 Big 8 title in this entertaining read.

INDEPENDENCE DAY MIKE WARREN: RESURGENCE. Running back Mike Warren clearly has the right mindset this spring after losing his starting job to David Montgomery at the end of last season.

NOTHING LIKE IT. Guy who hates WRNL more than anyone else as of yesterday, Travis Hines, writes that the Big 12 Tournament is a showcase of the league’s strength and passion.

MAKING A CASE. The Iowa State Daily makes the case for why the Cyclones can win this year’s Big 12 Championship.

LIKE NONE OTHER. Three Big 12 Tournament titles is something no Iowa State basketball player possesses, but ISU’s trio of Morris, Thomas, and Mitrou-Long have a shot at becoming the first.

Around the Country

CONSISTENCY. Gonzaga earned their 5th straight WCC title last night and is eyeing a 1-seed in the NCAA Tournament.

JUST SHUT UP. Lonzo Ball’s dad won’t shut up. Now, he’s going after Charles Barkley.

THOUSANDS OF FADEAWAY JUMPERS. Dirk Nowitzki eclipsed the 30,000 point mark in his career.

D’AWWW. Dirk’s shooting coach got emotional after point 30,000.

HARAMBE? The Suns’ gorilla mascot jumped onto the court during a game to retrieve a lost drum stick.

POSSIBLE DESTINATIONS. Interested in where Adrian Peterson is heading this offseason? Here’s the top contenders, ranked.

EAT LIKE TOM. If you’re the type of person who thinks Tom Brady is football Jesus, then his new meal service is perfect for you!

40 TAKEAWAYS. Here’s the most important things to take away from the NFL Combine.

RUPERT GRINT OR ED SHEERAN? Apparently fans get the two mixed up quite often. Plus, Patrick Stewart is still hilarious.