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The Mid-Morning Dump: Cyclone Nation Invades Kansas City

After a small appetizer last night, the real show starts today.

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Iowa State Athletics

PISTOLS FIRING. Kyle Porter joined Chris Williams to preview the matchup and post seasons for Iowa State and Oklahoma State.

10 IN A ROW. Iowa State is going for it’s 10th straight win over the Oklahoma State Cowboys today.

DONNY JACK. Lately it seems the theme of local media is to tell the tales of how each player (this time Donovan Jackson) almost didn’t make it to/or bolted from Ames. Can’t wait for the Cameron Lard one.

ALL-AMERICAN. Iowa State’s All-American point guard is looking to shut people up with his play rather than his words.

DOUBLE BOOKED. It’s going to be super weird for Coach Prohm when his Cyclones reach the Sweet 16/Elite 8, as he and his wife are expecting their second child that same weekend.

BRACKETS. The NCAA D1 Wrestling brackets came out, and GrappleCy has you covered.

D-BACKS. Previewing the 2017 defensive backfield for the Cyclones.

Around the Country

POP THE BUBBLY. Prepare yourself for all of the latest bubble action and seeding action with these handy guides.

DUKE STAR. No, no, no. Not Grayson Allen. Our buddy, Reid Forgrave, profiles Duke’s Luke Kennard.

FREE AGENCY. Catch yourself up on all the tampering free agency moves in the NFL.

TEBOOOOOOOWWWWWW. Tim Tebow did baseball things, although he didn’t do them very well yesterday.

NUT KICKING. I’m not sure I fully understand the NBA’s newfound fascination with nut kicking.

BARCA. Don’t let Barcelona’s remarkable Champion’s League comeback distract you from the fact that Iowa State overcame a 15-point halftime deficit to win at Allen Fieldhouse.