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The Mid-Morning Dump: Cubs Raise Their Championship Banner

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Chicago continues to celebrate.

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FENNELLY DISMISSED. Bill Fennelly has been dismissed from the racial discrimination lawsuit.

IOWA NATIVE LOOKING AT IOWA STATE. Iowa native and Nebraska transfer Michael Jacobsen is considering Iowa State.

CUBS RAISE THEIR BANNER! The Chicago Cubs raised their World Series Championship banner.

ROYALS PAY TRIBUTE TO VENTURA. Kansas City paid tribute to their fallen ace Yordano Ventura.

BULLS DOWN TO ONE. The Hoibulls are down to one must-win game to reach the playoffs.

DAILY DOSE OF JIMMY BUCKETS. Jimmy Butler is willing the Bulls into contention.

NO MVP? Here are 5 reasons why Russell Westbrook shouldn’t win MVP. Let’s be honest though, he should.

KANSAS ADDS FIREPOWER. Bill Self added the Lawson brothers, who will have to sit out one year.

DJ JOHNSON, NFL TIGHT END? The former Kansas State forward is trying out as a tight end for the Chicago Bears.

LAST OF THE FAB FIVE. The coach that gave us the Fab Five is calling it quits.

LA KINGS CLEAN HOUSE. The Kings fired the builders of their Stanley Cup wins.

BEASTMODE TO THE PATS? Marshawn Lynch reportedly wants to play for the Patriots if talks with the Raiders fall through.