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The Mid-Morning Dump: Transfer News, a Burton Dunk, and Victorious Hoibulls

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HE’S COMIN’. Ed Morrow, sophomore forward transfer from Nebraska, has set his official visit to Iowa State.

JUISTON IS KEY. Shakur Juiston could be the difference between the Cyclones making or missing the NCAA Tournament this coming season.

NML & BURTON BALLIN’. 3sus of Nazareth was named to the Portsmouth Invitational All-Tournament team, while Deonte Burton’s team won the whole thing with him providing a notable highlight along the way:

THEY GOT ONE! The ISU softball team picked up their first Big 12 win of the season against Oklahoma State.

BUILDING BLOCK. Outreach to former players serves as another piece of the rebuilding project for Matt Campbell.

NBA PLAYOFFS GALORE. Here are four things learned from the opening day of the playoffs.

DON’T MESS WITH DOC. You ask Doc Rivers a stupid question, you get your question called ‘the dumbest thing I have heard.’

HOIBULLSSSSS. The Mayor and his band of misfits ended up defeating the Boston Celtics in game 1.

DAT RIM THO. Dwyane Wade’s missed dunk was, well, pretty sad.

GREAT MOMENTS. Isaiah Thomas’ sister was killed in an auto accident over the weekend, so the reception Celtics fans gave him before tip and after his first bucket was fantastic.

‘MEMBER MAKER? Remember former basketball prospect Thon Maker? Well, he’s looking like Kevin Garnett in the league now.

NEW RULES. The NCAA decided to change up some important college football rules. Here’s a summary for those of you who are still confused.

WEAR PROTECTION. This is what your eye looks like after getting hit with a hockey puck (not for the squeamish).

STAR WARS DUMP. Because I can’t pass up the chance to share a new Star Wars trailer, here’s our first look at Episode VIII: The Last Jedi.