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The Mid-Day Dump: Wigginton up in the ESPN Ranks

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Lindell Wigginton has moved up 5 spots in the ESPN top 100.


WIGGINTON MOVES UP. Lindell Wiggington moved up 5 spots in the ESPN Top 100 rankings.

EGOR CANCELS. Egor Koulechev canceled his Iowa State visit and will decide between Oklahoma and Florida.

WHERE DO WE STAND? Where do things stand currently with the rest of the recruits?

WHAT WE LEARNED. What did we learn from the quarterbacks in the spring?

CLEVELAND KILLER FOUND. The Facebook live killer was found dead in Pennsylvania.

TRANSFER REWORK. The NCAA is looking at the transfer rules’ current status.

GRIZZ UNHAPPY. Memphis’ coach was very unhappy with the refs after last night.

BULLS GOOD? Rajon Rondo thinks the Bulls have what it takes!

HOW TO FIX THE LAKERS. Here’s how to fix the Lakers in 5 easy steps.

HE’S GOT YOUR BACK. An Army Vet who lost his leg in combat carried a woman across the finish line at the Boston Marathon.