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The Mid-Morning Dump: Dale Jr. is Hanging It Up

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. will retire following the 2017 season.

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WE GOT SPEED. Iowa State received a commitment from a speedy wide receiver last night.

BIG 12 RUNNER-UPS. The Iowa State women’s golf team finished second at the Big 12 Championships.

SWEEP! Golden State appears to be finding its groove again after completing the sweep of Portland last night.

HAWKS TIE IT UP. The Atlanta Hawks held off Washington to tie up the series.

RAPTORS TAKE CONTROL. Toronto finally got their feet under them and have taken a series lead over the Bucks.

AP TO THE SAINTS. Adrian Peterson is expected to sign with the Saints.

MOCK DRAFT. Here’s how things may shake up come Thursday night in the NFL draft.

PEPPERS TUMBLE? Jabrill Peppers’ stock may have taken a tumble after a diluted sample at the combine.

DALE JR HANGING IT UP. Dale Earnhardt Jr. will retire from NASCAR following the 2017 season.