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The Mid-Morning Dump: ’Cruit News, Layoffs, and Butt Love

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REBEL YELL. Coach Prohm and his staff must go back to the drawing board after their top target on the transfer market committed to UNLV.

BUT HEY. This guy told CycloneFanatic that he wants to be a Cyclone, so we’ve got that going for us, which is nice.

NOT OUR YEAR. Uncle Pete promised the drought that has plagued Cyclones in the NFL Draft will not end this year, but in 2018.

BIGGER THAN RIVALRY. Chris Hassel may cheer for the Cyclones’ innerstate rival, but Iowans of all walks rallied behind him after his job fell victim to ESPN’s massive layoffs.

GETTING WIGGY. 2018 Cyclone commit Lindell Wigginton has been named the Virginia high school player of the year by USA Today.

BAD LAY. A struggling ESPN laid off scores of journalists and on-air talent Wednesday, including some of its biggest names.

BUTT LOVE. Jake Butt—the, ahem, tight end—has received an endorsement from Charmin, and all is right with the world again.

A FOR EFFORT. Prayers up to the social media team for The Colorado Avalanches, who are attempting to make the most of a sad, sad season.

BULLS SHIT? After a 2-0 start in the NBA playoffs, Hoiberg’s Bulls have now dropped three straight to the Celtics.

MAD FRED. Speaking of the Bulls, Hoiberg dropped the mic on his post-game presser.

AT BAT. The first African-born player in MLB, singles in first at-bat after getting the call up to the Pittsburgh Pirates.

LET IT GO. SBNation ponders how one fan’s idea to keep Blackhawks in playoffs after losing to the Nashville Predators would erase Cubs’ World Series win.