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The Mid-Morning Dump: In The End, Still Two 1 Seeds

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POST SCRIMMAGE INTERVIEWS. Matt Campbell, Jon Heacock, and Tom Manning talk about how the scrimmage went.

OL POTENTIAL. This spring practice season has made the offensive line realize how good they can be this season.

#LANRAM. Jon Heacock is impressed with Joel Lanning’s development playing linebacker.

CULTURE CHANGE. The attitude in Ames has changed over the last year, and it’s very noticeable.

NEW OFFER! Defensive end Azeez Ojulari received an offer from the Cyclones this weekend.

CRUSHED. Jordan Bell took his Oregon Ducks’ defeat extremely hard, taking personal responsibility. Nobody else blamed him.

GOLF RULES ARE INSANE. Lexi Thompson lost a major due to a viewer at home catching a minuscule detail.

EMAILS SAVE THE DAY. 7 big sporting mishaps that would have been “resolved” with email.

HOLY. DUNK. Zion Williamson throws down a 360 scoop dunk without thinking.

THE BACKGROUND, YO. Javier Baez blamed the stadium advertisement for his error on a routine ground ball.

COMPLETION. Dawn Staley finally got the NCAA Championship that had eluded her for so long.

BUMMIN’ OUT. Madison Bumgarner hit not one, but two homers on opening day. Reminder: he’s a pitcher.

CLEVELAND IS BOILING. Tristan Thompson and LeBron James had a fun screaming match in the middle of their game.

POOP DIRECTLY TO THE FACE. Chimpanzee throws poop directly in a grandma’s face. That is all.