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The Mid-Morning Dump: UNC Takes the Title

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North Carolina took down Gonzaga last night to win the NCAA Tournament.


DRESSER MAKES IMPACT HIRES. Kevin Desser has assembled a staff that is poised to return Iowa State to wrestling glory.

SO YOU’RE SAYING THERES A CHANCE. Iowa State has 80-1 odds to win the National Title next year.

ONE SHINING MOMENT. Bowie phones home and Burton abuses the rim.

O-LINE FLEXIBILITY. Questions remain but there is some flexibility on the offensive line.

NORTH CAROLINA WINS IT ALL. North Carolina defeated Gonzaga 71-65.

REFS TOOK OVER THE GAME. The refs were a focal point last night as second half whistles became the norm and ruined the game.

BERRY MVP. Joel Berry was named MVP of the Final Four.

DOES ADAM MORRISON LOOK DIFFERENT? Has Adam Morrison been out partying too much or has he just gotten older?

WAY TOO EARLY TOP 25. College basketball powerhouses are taking charge in the too early top 25.

OPENING DAY. Don’t get too ramped up over opening day results. They could be a mirage.

ROMO TO BROADCASTING. Romo will step away from the game and head into broadcasting.