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The Mid-Morning Dump: Scott Sterling, Baseball Edition


BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW. Joe Lunardi has Iowa State in the NCAA Tournament in his first 2018 edition of bracketology.

BABY PROHM. Coach Prohm and his wife gave birth to their new daughter yesterday.

UP FOR THE ADVENTURE. Kevin Dresser and his new assistants are ready to get things started in Ames.

TALENT MINUS EXPERIENCE. Iowa State’s defensive line has some players, but they lack any testing in the field.

RANKING THE FIELD. The Masters begins tomorrow (par 3 contest today), so here’s a list of the entire field, ranked.

THE FULL LANCE. Lance Stephenson saved the Pacers and caused a fight in the same game.

GOTTA BE MVP. Russell Westbrook notched his 41st triple-double this season, tying Oscar Robertson’s record.

FUNNY AND TERRIBLE. The Cardinals’ Stephen Piscotty got beamed by three throws in three minutes. Here’s the version I prefer to watch to take it in:

NOT NICE. The Texas Rangers wouldn’t let a player wear #69.

POOR UNBORN CHILDREN. Spearing an opponent in the groin with your stick is a quick way to get yourself ejected from a hockey game.

GOOD GUY. J.J. Watt bought his 4th grade teacher a cake and sneakers in celebration of her retirement.

TEXTBOOK. Don’t teach your sons and daughters to slide into a base like this Akron softball player.

UHHHHHH... A reporter congratulated Rafael Nadal on a win after he lost.

STEPH KNOWS DISNEY. How could anyone not think Stephen Curry is great after watching this?