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The Mid-Morning Dump: Off Season is Recruiting Season

When you don’t have games, you get players

WALK IN THE PARK. Our own VegasCyClown is leading the #ParkForHeisman, and while that may be overly optimistic, there’s still reason to hop on board the hype train.

FOOTBAWL. If football recruiting is more your speed, brush up on some Spring Game visitors for this weekend.

TOP 25 CLASS. Rivals has updated their top 35 classes, and the Cyclones make an appearance with the currently committed trio of Wigginton, McNeill, and Lewis.

SHARP SHOOTER. Cyclone commit, Lindell Wigginton continues to impress on the spring circuit.

TRANSFER U. If you’re looking for transfer/JUCO visit news, there’s a couple coming to town for a visit. Here’s a bonus nugget on Daryl Edwards because I like you all.

PARTICIPATION TROPHY. Iowa State did not win the NCAA Tournament, but they got some recognition anyway.

SEASON RECAP. If you’re into fun stats, numbers, and reminiscing about the season that was, you should check this out.

IOWA STATE IN SPACE. This is taking Hoiberg’s ‘pace and space’ system to a whole new level.

HE’S GOT THE JACK. Here’s a good read on Fred Hoiberg’s son, Jack, who’s making his own mark playing ball.

GRAD TRANSFERS. If you’re looking for some of the best mid-major graduate transfers on the market...

NEPOTISM. Of all the schools in the NCAA, I didn’t think Georgetown would have a problem with a little nepotism.

TOUGH BREAK. Dustin Johnson injured his back falling down the stairs the day before The Masters.

AMAZON EMPIRE. If major sports are to go the way of streaming television, Amazon may be leading the charge.

BTN FAIL. Speaking of sports television, the Big Ten Network may want to be a little more selective when hitting that RT button.

FOOD REVIEW. While we’re reviewing food in the off season, I’ll be sure this makes the cut.