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Tailgate Preview: Spring Game Edition

Hey, it’s a game. So let’s tailgate!

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Iowa State Athletics

We brought you tailgate previews for every home game last season. Now, we’re here to shine our world-renowned tailgating ideas for you on your Iowa State spring game tailgating adventure!

Game time is set for 1 p.m. on Saturday afternoon. That leaves you plenty of time to put a few cold ones back and join up with your tailgating pals before the long, dreaded off-season hits.

Weather: Sunny and Warm

We’ve been getting pretty lucky with spring game weather as of late and 2017 is going to be no different. As of now, the high on Saturday is set for 73 degrees with 15-20 mph winds out of the south. It will be a perfect day to reacquaint with the tailgate lots you love so dearly.

Matt Campbell has a special message for you if you have not seen it yet:

Drink: Beer

There is no better way to enjoy some great weather and some Iowa State football than guzzling back a few of your favorite brews with your tailgating buddies. Beer and football go together like Jacob Park and pirate ships. There’s no better match.

If I had to choose, there would be plenty of Natty Lights sitting in my cooler waiting to make their way into my stomach. Beer is the perfect drink for Saturday’s game, but more on that later.

Bring out your finest koozie and get to pounding down some beer!

Food: Brats

The spring game is not a time to get super fancy with food, and that’s why brats made their way onto the menu for Saturday. Brats are so easy, a Hawkeye fan could grill some up. Brats also go well with beer, so there’s no going wrong there.

Stop in at HyVee before you get to the lots and grab yourself some Johnsonville brats. Or, if you don’t like those, the meat counter always has some on hand. Just don’t be the guy who overcooks those juicy, spherical wonders.

Game: Beer Pong

Might as well bring back one of America’s great pastimes: beer pong. There’s no better way to ramp up the spring game festivities than with a beer pong tournament. The loser of each game has to shotgun a beer and have the shame of being eliminated. Meanwhile, the winners will have bragging rights until the fall rolls around.

If you are rookie at beer pong, here are the rules.

Song: My Kinda Party

See you Saturday afternoon, CyclONEnation!