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The Mid-Morning Dump: WE GET FOOTBALL!

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There is football this weekend at Jack Trice!!


CHASE FOR NO. 3 RUNNING BACK. Iowa State has some competition for the 3rd running back spot.

SPRING STANDOUTS. John Walters gives us six players who stood out in spring practice.

REGIONAL TRAINING CENTER COMING UP! The Cyclone regional training center has begun putting together the beginning pieces.

THE HERO THEY DESERVE. Marshawn Lynch may be the perfect person to go to the Raiders at the perfect time.

BROWNS GOT OPTIONS. Cleveland has plenty of options for the number 1 overall pick.

MOCK DRAFT. Toss ups can be seen at almost every pick.

LIFE COMES AT YOU FAST. Yadier Molina lost the ball and it was stuck to his chest protector.

TEBOW HOMER! Tim Tebow hit a homerun in his first career minor league at bat.

A TRADITION UNLIKE ANY OTHER. Charley Hoffman leads by four strokes after the first round of The Masters.

BULLS MAKING A PUSH. The Bulls are keeping their playoff hopes alive behind Jimmy Butler’s triple double.

LONZO WANTS THE LAKERS. Lonzo Ball just wants to play for the Lakers.

SIGN HIM! This 6 year old pulls out the euro step on his way to the hoop.