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The Mid-Morning Dump: CyHawk Start Time Has Been Set

Get ready for an early alarm on game day.


EARLY ALARM. Iowa State announced the early season television/kickoff times for football, including the CyHawk game.

CYCLONES, EH? Cyclone Bridget Carlson and future Cyclone Lindell Wigginton were named the Players of the Week for Canada Basketball.

ICE MAN COMETH. Matt Thomas now has his own clothing collection? Matt Thomas now has his own clothing collection.

LET’S WRESTLE. Wrestling coach Kevin Dreser joined the CyCast podcast.

IT’S BIG THOUGH: is now airing a program called Monte Morris: Cyclone Legend. Check their site for times.

THE MORGAN ERA. Check out this very comprehensive article by Carmon Wilson detailing the rise and fall of Wayne Morgan at Iowa State.

GAME ON. The Pittsburgh Penguins scored three times in the third period, taking a 4-1 win against the Predators in Game 2.

GOLF BALL WHACKER GUY. A police dashboard cam captured Tiger Woods failing his sobriety test.

THAT BACKFIRED. Mr. Met flipped off some fans and Twitter had jokes.

OH HELL NO. For a pedicurist, there is a horror nobody can be prepared for — Shaquille O’Neal’s feet.

DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME. Twitter collectively groaned watching this kid effortlessly do the splits during a game of dodge ball.

THE C IS SILENT. Residents of Wisconsin can’t spell Wisconsin, and other revelations about Packers fans.

AND MONKEYS MIGHT FLY OUT OF MY BUTT. In an act of wishful thinking, Adam Silver Says LaVar Ball Will 'Settle Down' Once Lonzo Is Taken in NBA Draft.