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The Mid-Morning Dump: Warriors Put Final Kiss on NBA Season

Golden State took home another NBA Championship and handed LeBron James another Finals loss.

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RUNNING BACK DEPTH. Iowa State added a running back that is immediately eligible.

RETURNING MUSCLE. Iowa State is returning their top tacklers from the past three seasons.

CANADIAN TRAINING. Lindell Wigginton is going to workout with the U19 Canadian national team.

WARRIORS ON TOP AGAIN. Golden State took home the NBA title after a 4-1 series win over Cleveland.

EVEN BIGGER FAVORITES? Golden State is already the favorite for next year. Will they be even more dominant?

LEBRON WILL NEVER SURPASS MJ. With another Finals loss, LeBron James will never be able to surpass Michael Jordan as the G.O.A.T.

NBA FINALS KISS. David West and Tristan Thompson had an awkward altercation, so the internet took over.

DURANTULA NO LIKE BEER. Apparently Kevin Durant is no fan of beer.

MLB DRAFT RECAP. Here are a few rumblings from the first round of the MLB Draft.

IT’S HAPPENING!! Floyd Mayweather is eyeing a date in August for his fight against Conor McGregor.