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The Mid-Morning Dump: 3sus Works Out for the Raptors

Canadian power!

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THE GOOD WITH THE BAD. Parker Stewart never made it to campus, but two other basketball prospects have set visits with Iowa State.

WATN EXTRA. Check out a few extra quotes from Wayne Morgan courtesy of Rob Gray.

WISE GIRL. New women’s basketball player Madison Wise is excited to be in Ames.

CREDIT CAMPBELL. Randy Pete says we should give Matt Campbell credit for giving Johnnie Lang a second chance.

HOMETOWN BOY. 3sus was blessed with the opportunity to workout for the Toronto Raptors.

TO VISIT OR NOT? The Warriors, contrary to reports, haven’t yet decided if they’re going to visit the White House.

TRAGEDY. Kent State offensive lineman, Tyler Heintz, died after a team workout.

THE SACRIFICE. Steph Curry had to give up quite a bit to make room for Kevin Durant, but it paid off in the form of a title.

IT’S GOOD TO BE AVAILABLE. Matt Barnes caught a lucky break and now he’s an NBA champion.

DOUBLE BOOKERS. Yasiel Puig gave someone two middle fingers after hitting a homerun.

...WTF. Dennis Rodman is returning to North Korea as a diplomat sponsored by a marijuana currency.

HAPPY LIL’ GUY. This young Penguins fan was so happy Sidney Crosby signed his shirt that it made him cry.

HE’S A HACK. Christian Hackenberg threw a pass that was worse than everyone could have imagined.

MIND = BLOWN. Sometimes I just wish magicians would reveal their secrets.