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Mock Drafting the Cap City League

The YMCA Capital City League is almost upon us, so what better way to prepare than running our own draft?

The offseason is officially upon us, but with summer comes summer basketball. In honor of the YMCA Capital City League draft that’s set to take place tonight, we sat down and took the places of coaches looking to fill out their roster Cap City style. The CCL’s draft is divided into three sections, Iowa State, Drake and Open.

With Iowa State only at 11 players, we consulted insider sources and moved former UW-Milwaukee standout and current Hungarian pro-baller Matt Tiby into the Iowa State round to flesh out the six teams drafting twice. Even with the shortened Iowa State bench, the league is at it’s deepest in years, with another crop of 30 or so high level open round players being added after we drafted.

Each team selected two Cyclones, two Bulldogs, and one open selection in a funky snake draft (first pick of Iowa State gets last pick of Drake) to create their Cap City starting five. Who came out most poised to make a run at the championship? Who slid and who reached on a pick? Check it out below, vote on your favorite in the poll at the bottom, and let us know what you would’ve done differently in the comments.

Iowa State Round


Get it because of the two last names? I want the assists, boards, and steals baby.

2. Matthias Schwartzkopf: Lindell Wigginton, 6’2 G.

He will get straight buckets. Probably break the Cap City record.

3. NotTheJeans: Terrance Lewis, 6’6 F.

Proven scorer that's probably got more muscle than literally everybody in the draft.

4. BJSwanny: Solomon Young, 6’8 F.

Even though it's a guard's league, you can get decent guards anywhere in the draft, and good big guys come at a premium. He didn't get to play a lot last summer, but was really good when he was there.

5. Kevin Fitzpatrick: *Cuts to Mel Kiper* Mel, any word on why Donovan Jackson has slid so far in this draft? *cuts to stage before Mel can begin speaking*


You fools let him slide to #5 and he's the most proven guard in a guard-dominant league. *Mel swears loud enough to hear from the stage*

6. CloneTeach: Marial Shayok, 6’5 G.

We all know defense wins championships in the CCL. Shayok comes from Virginia’s pack line defense and will have no problem scoring against the tenacious D in the Cap City League.

7. CloneTeach: Cameron Lard, 6’9 F.

A key piece in the recipe of success, or any recipe for that matter, is more Lard. Points for dunks? I hope so.

8. Kevin Fitzpatrick: WITH THE EIGHTH PICK, FITZY SELECTS... MATT TIBY, Atomeromu SE Paks, 6’8 F.

*gasp* As the guy who got moved into the ISU portion of the draft, he has experience playing pro ball and will likely be one of the best bigs in the league this year.

9. BJSwanny: Give me Darius McNeill... Oh wait.

Jeff Beverly, 6’6 F.

In all seriousness, I'm going to fill up one of my flex spots with a guy who can play multiple positions, and makes a living on his effort. That'll fill up the stat sheet in any league, especially the CCL.

10. NotTheJeans: Michael Jacobsen, 6’9 F.

I already have my prime scorer in Lewis, so I’m going to bolster the frontcourt and add some toughness on the inside that can be key in the Cap City.

11. Matthias Schwartzkopf: Jakolby Long, 6’5 G.

While he never really got his groove going last summer with a wrist injury and a lot of games missed with freshman orientation, he’s still a big bodied guard that can play all over the floor.

12. CyHusker: Jack Hutchison, 6’0 G.

Usually the biggest trade off with getting the first pick is you also end up with the last pick as well, generally landing you a walk-on. Joke’s on you guys though, the new walk-on actually had multiple D-I offers.

Drake Round

1. CloneTeach: Reed Timmer, 6’1 G.

He gets up a lot of shots, but he can fill it up in this league when he gets going. I’ve got my D with Shayok and Lard, now it’s time to bolster the offense.

2. Kevin Fitzpatrick: Ore Arogundade, 6’4 G.

He already tweeted he’d be winning the CCL no matter what team he’s on, so I better nab him in the mock draft too.

3. BJSwanny: Deantae McMurray, 6’1 G.

Monte gets all the credit, but McMurray was a huge part of that team’s championship run last year in the CCL playoffs. Landing a former league champ at #3? Steal.

4. NotTheJeans: Graham Woodward, 6’0 G.

I need some guard play to go along with my Iowa State picks, and he’s been around the league and knows what’s up.

5. Matthias Schwartzkopf: Casey Schlatter, 6’10 F.

I love me some farm-raised Iowa big men.

6. CyHusker: TJ Thomas, 6’8 F.

Another key piece to that championship team last year, springy big man who can step out and knock down some jumpers.

7. CYHusker: CJ Rivers, 6’3 G.

I’ll keep the “Drake guard that seems like he’s been in the Cap City forever” train rolling. I already have someone similar in Weiler-Babb, but Rivers is a triple double threat most nights.

8. Matthias Schwartzkopf: Kory Kuestling, 6’11 F.

Him and Schlatter are a match made in heaven, and I honestly don’t remember a time they weren’t on the same Cap City team. You can’t just split them up now.

9. NotTheJeans: Noah Thomas, 6’2 G.

An Aussie freshman who attended Oak Hill during his prep days. I’ve never been so sure of anything in my life.

10. BJSwanny: Nick McGlynn, 6’8 F.

I’m shocked McGlynn made it this far down. He was a bright spot for Drake last year and last summer as a blue collar style banger who occasionally flashed the ability to step out and knock down a 3 sometimes.

11. Kevin Fitzpatrick: Jalen Gibbs, 6’3 G.

Damn you for taking McGlynn, I thought people forgot about him. Drake’s new head coach Niko Medved sung Gibbs’ praises as a classic guard who can score from all three levels on the floor. I’ll trust him on this one.

12. CloneTeach: Samm Jones, 6’0 G.

A mid-year transfer from Northwestern, I can only imagine potential drafters were scared away by the extra ‘M’ in his name. That’s the closest thing the Cap City gets to baggage.

Open Round

1. CYHusker: Jordan Stotts, ex-University of Sioux Falls, Moncton Miracles, 6’8 F.

With Tiby moving into the Iowa State round, Stotts is the clear 1st pick. He spent the last season playing in the same NBL in Canada that Royce White did, and is a reigning CCL champ.

2. Matthias Schwartzkopf: Kyle Juhl, Nebraska-Kearner, 6’5 F.

Juhl averaged 18 pointsand 10 rebounds this past season, and was 1st Team All-Conference. Not too shabby for 2nd pick.

3. NotTheJeans: Kylique Lipscome, Little Priest Tribal College, 6’4 G.

Between the combination of both personal and school name, this is a home run pick without even looking at his stats. Ron His Horse Is Thunder, former president of Little Priest, would be proud.

4. BJSwanny: Luke Tertlark, Wayne State, 6’2 G.

This kid played last year and had multiple 30 point games and made a ton of 3s. I should know, doing the PA for the league, I think I messed his name up about every time he shot it. Tongue twisters, man.

5. Kevin Fitzpatrick: Nyjir Marshburn, DMACC, 6’5 F.

Athletic swingman who can play multiple positions and help my team out in different stat columns other than points.

6. CloneTeach: Chris Davis, Minot State, 6’0 G.

Sleeper pick here with a guy who’s new to the league, but still shot 40% from 3 and was 1st Team All-Region at Minot State.



G- CJ Rivers, Nick Weiler-Babb, Jack Hutchison

F- TJ Thomas, Jordan Stotts

Matthias Schwartzkopf

G- Lindell Wigginton, Jakolby Long, Kyle Juhl

F- Casey Schlatter, Kory Kuestling


G- Graham Woodward, Noah Thomas, Kylique Lipscome

F- Terrance Lewis, Michael Jacobsen


G- Luke Tertlark, Deantae McMurray

F- Solomon Young, Jeff Beverly, Nick McGlynn

Kevin Fitzpatrick

G- Donovan Jackson, Ore Arogundade, Jalen Gibbs

F- Matt Tiby, Nyjir Marshburn


G- Marial Shayok, Reed Timmer, Samm Jones, Chris Davis

F- Cameron Lard


Who put together the best Cap City team?

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  • 6%
    (7 votes)
  • 34%
    Matthias Schwartzkopf
    (40 votes)
  • 2%
    (3 votes)
  • 6%
    (7 votes)
  • 26%
    Kevin Fitzpatrick
    (30 votes)
  • 24%
    (28 votes)
115 votes total Vote Now


Who would you take #1 overall?

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  • 5%
    Nick Weiler-Babb
    (8 votes)
  • 27%
    Lindell Wigginton
    (37 votes)
  • 3%
    Terrence Lewis
    (5 votes)
  • 5%
    Solomon Young
    (8 votes)
  • 56%
    Donovan Jackson
    (76 votes)
134 votes total Vote Now