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The Mid-Morning Dump: Mile High Monte

The NCAA’s all-time leader in Assist-to-Turnover ratio heads to the Mile High City to join the Nuggets.


MILE HIGH MONTE. The Denver Nuggets selected Monte Morris with the 51st overall pick in last night’s NBA Draft.

DES MOINES DEONTE? Deonte Burton signed a free agent offer with the Timberwolves and perhaps he’ll land in Des Moines to enhance his development.

COACHES STICK AROUND. All of Steve Prohm’s assistants have signed new one-year deals with raises.

NEED MORE DINERO. A GoFundMe page has been started to help the Hilton Magic Legends participate in this year’s The Basketball Tournament.

THE BEST KIND OF AA. Iowa State golfer Nick Voke has been named an All-American after his record setting season.

STATMAN. A look at the man who has compiled Iowa State’s football and basketball statistics for three(!) decades.

BULLS REBUILD... KIND OF? The big news of the NBA Draft was the Bulls shipping off Jimmy Butler to the Timberwolves for a handful of players and the chance to draft Lauri Markkanen 7th overall.

THEN THEY TOOK THE MONEY AND RAN... KIND OF. The Warriors, who had no pick in the draft, purchased the Bulls’ 2nd round pick for $3.5 million and took Jordan Bell.

NONE OF IT WAS GOOD. Rebuilding takes more than shipping off your star, getting some role players, and only one pick out of it.

THE REST OF THE BIG 12. CycloneFanatic takes a look at the other Big 12 players drafted besides Morris.

KING OF THE MOUNTAIN. A look at what Craig Bohl has been doing in Wyoming, who opens the season in Iowa City.

STARTED AT THE BOTTOM. The Las Vegas Golden Knights held their expansion draft the other night, and they’re going to be awful.