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Incoming Iowa State Basketball Players by the (Jersey) Numbers

Hans takes on Royce and Deonte (which is generally a bad idea).


The newest crop of Cyclone basketball players have received their jersey numbers, so let’s compare the noobs with other former players to wear their respective numbers.

Cameron Lard - #2

Former #2s: Abdel Nader, Chris Babb, Chris Colvin, Brock Jacobsen, Adam “Benedict Arnold” Haluska, Tommie King

Cameron Lard, sporting the number 2 jersey, will have a couple Cyclone fan favorites to contend with for a spot at the top:

“3 and D” extraordinaire Chris Babb transferred from Penn State as part of Fred Hoiberg’s first crop of transfers and made an immediate impact on the floor with his stifling defense and sharpshooting. Babb’s lasting legacy generally harkens back to his dagger 3-pointer in the home win over Kansas in 2012 (or his signature Mohawk hairstyle).

Abdel Nader transferred to Iowa State from Northern Illinois as a relative unknown before becoming one of the most versatile offensive threats on the roster in his two seasons. Best known for his epic poster dunk on senior night vs. Oklahoma State, Nader also contributed 19 points, including 5 of 5 from three, in a blowout win over Iowa during his junior season and a hit the game winning 3-pointer in the final seconds of a win at Cincinnati in December 2014. The two-way forward was drafted in the second round of the 2016 NBA draft by the Boston Celtics and was named last season’s NBA D-League Rookie of the Year.

Further down the list, you’ll notice Adam Haluska. This traitor-supreme transferred during his freshman season to the University of Iowa in order to pursue a playing career in which he could be a medium-sized fish in the radioactive sewage retaining basin Steve Alford tried for years to convince everybody was a “pond.” Automatic DQ.

Lindell Wiggington - #5

Former #5s: Merrill Holden, Tavon Sledge, Jake Anderson, Lucca Staiger, Marcus Fizer, Shelby Walton, Jason Kimbrough, Skip McCoy, Lafester Rhodes

Highly touted freshman Lindell Wiggington comes in with big shoes to fill with the #5 jersey, contending on a list of a handful of interesting and prestigious names.

The clear titleholder of greatest #5 in Cyclone basketball history goes to Marcus Fizer. Fizer came to Iowa State as a McDonald’s All-American and lived up to every bit of the hype, leading the Big 12 in scoring his sophomore and junior seasons and claiming Consensus First Team All-American Honors in 2000.

Lafester Rhodes is best known for his 54 point performance vs Iowa in 1987 that will live in Cyclone legend for a long, long time.

Other notables include, sharpshooter Lucca Staiger (current record-holder for 3-pointers in a game with 11 vs. Drake) and underrated transfer Darian “Jake” Anderson.

Michael Jacobson - #12

Former #12s: Kourtlin Jackson, Austin McBeth, Alex Dorr, Wes Eikmeier, Tim Barnes, Brandon Hawkins, Jay Goodman, Terrence Allen, Leonard Allen, Tom Norman, Bill Benson, Gene Mack, Otto Stowe, Jim Hamberlin, Al Tubbs

While the list of former #12s is fairly long, no name really stands out as a memorable player. Incoming transfer Michael Jacobson has plenty of opportunity to be at the top of this list if he can come in and be effective. Even a contribution in the mold of a Dustin Hogue would be enough to make the case as the best #12 in Cyclone history.

Marial Shayok - #23

Former #23s: Wes Greder, Jordan Ashton, K.J. Bluford, Jamie Vanderbeken, Chris Ceaser, Tyray Pearson, Stevie Johnson, Fred Brown, Doug Collins, Hughes Suffren, Matt Margenthaler

Do-everything Virginia transfer Marial Shayok will step in and wear #23 for the Cardinal and Gold during his final season of eligibility in 2018-2019. The most legendary number in basketball doesn’t actually have much history at Iowa State, so Shayok will have every opportunity to come in and be the guy Cyclone fans forever associate with #23.

Stevie Johnson is probably the most notable on this list, having a successful and productive run with the Cyclones from 1997-2000 on the same teams as the aforementioned Fizer and Tinsley.

Other notables include Jamie Vanderbeken, noted for hitting the definitely-after-the-buzzer beater vs Creighton in an otherwise unsuccessful season, and Tyray Pearson, a productive offensive player from the 12-19 2002 team that was just a shell of the previous year’s team, which graduated Fizer and Tinsley.

Terrence Lewis - #24

Former #24s: Stuart Nezlek, Percy Gibson, Cameron Lee, Mike Taylor, Anthony Davis, Jake Sullivan, Rodney Hampton, Jerry Curry, Justus Thigpen, Maurice Poole, Tony Rasheed, Flemming Danielson, Andrew Parker, Chuck Fritz. Mike Capobianco, Jack De Vilder, Dave Hartman, Bob Vander Wilt

Highly-touted forward prospect Terrence Lewis will wear the #24 shirt for the upcoming season. Though the freshman will have every opportunity to make it to the top of the list, especially if given enough playing time early on, he will have some big shoes to fill.

On first glance of the list of former #24s, Jake Sullivan, Andrew Parker, and Justus Thigpen are the names that immediately jump off the page. However, Jake Sullivan eventually switched to, and had his best seasons as, number 0, so we won’t count him as a #24.

Andrew Parker gets the nod as the best #24. Parker led the Big 8 in scoring twice and was an honorable mention All-American in 1978. Parker ended his career third on the all time scoring list and was the 46th pick in the 1979 NBA Draft by the Washington Bullets.

Jack Hutchinson - #25

Former #25s: Tyrus McGee, Jessan Gray, Lamar Gregg, Elmer Robinson, Raynal Harris, Jon Ness, Andrew Parker, Tony Jernigan

Iowa State’s newest walk-on will wear #25. Walk-ons don’t generally get much playing time, but even if Hutchinson bucks the trend, he’ll have to contend with the legacy of one of my personal favorite recent Cyclones, Tyrus McGee.

McGee was an extremely effective spark plug off the bench for Iowa State in the 2012 and 2013 seasons, leading the country in 3-point shooting percentage his senior season by shooting 46.2% from downtown.

The other notable here his Elmer Robinson, who averaged almost 15 points per game during the 1988-1989 season, second behind Cyclone great Victor Alexander.

Hans Brase - #30

Former #30s: Deonte Burton, Royce White, Aaron Agnew, Zach Fortune, David Hickman, Marc Urquhart, Wes Wallace, John Tillo, Mike Benjamin, Jim Reineback, Dave Collings, Clarence Brewster, Gary Jones

Princeton grad transfer Hans Brase will have some big shoes to fill when he dons the #30 for his lone upcoming season at Iowa State. Most notably, he’ll have to contend with Deonte Burton and Royce White.

Both Burton and White came to Iowa State and quickly became offensive powerhouses for the Cyclones, bringing a lethal combination of power and finesse to the game.

Burton coupled his physicality with a sneaky good outside shot and mind-blowing athleticism. He became known for making plays that would absolutely blow your mind, and making those shots that made you say “NO NO NO NO NO..*swoosh*....YESSSSSSS.”

Royce White was the do-everything guy for the Cyclones, leading the team in points, rebounds, assists, blocks, and steals. He could dribble and pass like a point guard and play in the post like a forward. He could truly play all five positions on the floor, in the mold of a Magic Johnson or a young Charles Barkley. The only things (basketball-wise) that ever held him back were a general lack of range with his jumpshot and inconsistency at the free throw line. Despite those shortcomings in his game, he quickly became one of the most feared players in the country.

Good luck, Hans.

Jeff Beverly - #55

Former #55s: Tony Rampton, Greg Hester, Tom Schafer, Joe Ashley

Incoming UTSA grad transfer Jeff Beverly will be wearing #55 this season, a number which has essentially no meaningful history at Iowa State. Beverly plays similarly to recent Cyclone Dustin Hogue, so any contribution close to that would make him the best #55 in Cyclone history.


Which number has the best group of former players?

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