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The Mid-Morning Dump: Shayok > Niang?

It’s true, at least via wild CCL stat projection.


LINDELL GOES BIG. 32 points against Lithuania to lead Canada U19 to a win makes their decision to take the Cyclone seem pretty smart.

SHAYOK IS KILLING IT. Mariol Shayok is absolutely destroying the CCL so far, with his 180 points in four games on pace to shatter Georges Niang’s scoring record.

STEEPLECHASIN’ Former Cyclone Hillary Bor qualified for the USA World Championship squad in the 3000 meter steeplechase event.

PAULSONS GO INTO THE HALL. Iowa State wrestling had an awards ceremony, and among other honorees, the Paulson twins were inducted in the Hall Of Fame.

RYAN GOSLING SUCKS AT MOVIE CORNERBACKING. Just remember that while all women love him, he sucked in Remember The Titans.

ENJOYABLE RIDE. Norwegian soccer player REALLY gets his money’s worth on a foul.

HASSAN’S GOT A FUTURE AFTER BASKETBALL. Hassan Whiteside went to The Louvre and spent his time making fun of all the art there.

CHEAPEST WAY TO GET A LONZO BALL JERSEY. Re-purposing is so in right now.

OLADIPOWNED. A child nutmegged Victor Oladipo. Damn that height disadvantage, right?

MUST HAVE HEARD AP LEFT TOWN. Jimmy Butler showed up in Minnesota with a football and fanny pack.

LEGENDARY BAT FLIP. Korean League player makes Jose Bautista’s bat flips look tame.

THAT’S ONE REASON TO LIKE A TEAM. Markelle Fultz is happy to be in Philly because they have Chick-Fil-As... unlike Boston.