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The Mid-Morning Dump: Grad Transfer Blues

The grad transfers for football are just not working out.

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DAWSON OUT. Grad transfer Dave Dawson is no longer with Iowa State as confirmed last night.

MONTE LAKE SHOW. Monte Morris worked out with the Los Angeles Lakers yesterday.

MATTY ICE GETTING LOOKS. Matt Thomas also worked out yesterday, but with the Toronto Raptors.

MATTA OUT. It never really felt like Thad Matta was safe and yesterday former Iowa State AD Gene Smith let him go.

WHO REPLACES HIM? June coaching searches are familiar to Iowa State fans, but who goes on to lead Ohio State?

HERE COME THE PREDS. Nashville is peaking in the middle of the Stanley Cup Finals, leaving Pittsburgh searching for answers.

WCWS MARATHON. Game one of the WCWS went 17 innings with Oklahoma taking the win.

73RD ANNIVERSARY. Today marks the 73rd anniversary for D-Day. A day that forever changed the landscape of the world.

ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!!! Our favorite MNF song is coming back to ESPN.